Top Tips to Minimise your Costs When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is a very exciting step in anyone’s life; it offers a fresh slate and a new adventure but it does come at price. Just as it costs to move home within your own country, moving overseas does involve expenditure but in order to reduce the stress of moving, you can implement some methods to minimise the overall rate and save money.

Here are some top tips to help you move abroad whilst reducing the impact on your purse strings.

What are you taking?
One way you can cut the amount it costs is to lessen what you actually take with you. Many people choose to sell the majority of their belongings and purchase new ones upon arrival in the destination. This reduces the stress of worrying about breakages, as well as the time it takes to pack everything and the cost of transporting it.

Only ship precious items that are irreplaceable, such as family heirlooms. By selling some of your unwanted possessions, you can earn a bit of money.

There are various ways that you can transport your baggage e.g. road, sea freight or airfreight. Shipping is by far the most cost-effective transportation method and it is much safer as you can track the shipment during its voyage.

Shop around
In order to find the best deals, do your research. There are numerous moving companies to choose from so shop around to get the cheapest quote. Make sure the firm is reputable and trustworthy, with accredited qualifications. Credible moving companies will often offer customer reviews that you can read.

Chat to others
You are not the only person to have made the same move so talk to others and ask them for their tips and advice. There are many forums and communities online which you can get involved in; so speak to other expats and learn what methods they implemented to cut their moving costs.

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